6 signs you are moving too fast in your new relationship

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 2 December 2016 saa 12:41
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Moving too fast in a new relationship is never the right thing to do. It’s important your new relationship moves at the right pace.

Here are 6 signs you are moving too fast in your new relationship

1. Meet your partner’s parents only weeks into the relationship

It’s important you get to meet the parents of your partner but doing this after a week is just too early.

2. Too much communication

Communication is important in every relationship but if you find yourself calling your new partner every 30 minutes, it’s time you slow things down. Your new partner might feel uncomfortable with the frequency of your calls and messages.

3. Ditch your friends for your partner

If you are spending all of your free time with your partner and neglecting your friends, it’s a sign you need to slow things down. Ditching your friends for your relationship is never a good sign.

4. Change in relationship status on social media after a week

It’s never advisable to change your relationship status to “in a relationship” after days of being in a new relationship. Get to know more about your partner first.

5. Marriage talk early in your relationship

We all hope our relationship leads to marriage but talking about marriage just weeks into your relationship isn’t nice. You shouldn’t be talking about marriage until you’ve gotten to know each other a bit better. Give the relationship time before you start the marriage talk.

6. Having sex early

Sex early on in a relationship doesn’t mean commitment. Sex should come after you know your partner better and not early in a relationship. A partner who pressurises you into having sex early in a relationship doesn’t truly love you.