6 signs your man respects you

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On 27 August 2016 saa 02:42
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When a woman has a man who respects her, she feels valued; it also passes a message that she’s loved, she’s more than an asset, and that she means the world to her man — this would give her lots of confidence.

However, when a woman isn’t respected by her man, she lives on the edge, she’s treated anyhow, and she feels no love, care and attention from her man — this could even make her lose her self-esteem and confidence as well.

Do you think your man respects you or not?

It’s easy to tell; when a man respects a lady, the following are obvious:

1. Never leaves you in the dark

When a man doesn’t really respect his lady, he can act anyhow without caring how she feels, and this could even mean not telling his lady things that are going on in his life — he leaves her in the dark without minding. The case isn’t the same when a man loves and respects his lady; he knows she’s highly important to him, so he tells her every important thing that’s going on, and would rarely make a major decision without her knowledge.

2. He would never hit you

I find it funny when women even make excuses for their man when he hits them. There is no excuse for such act; no sane person would squash an object on someone he/she loves and values. Imagine you buy a wrist watch for $10,000, you wouldn’t want a scratch on that wrist watch, because you value it; if one can place such value on an object talk more of a woman who a man respects—he would never do anything to bring you bodily harm.

3. He’s honest

Honesty is a quality that’s rarely seen in most relationships these days, but it’s one that should be at the forefront really. When a man respects his lady, it means he values his relationship, and when you place value on your relationship then you would try to be honest. If he’s honest with you then he totally respects you.

4. Apologises when due

The fact your man respects you doesn’t mean he wouldn’t err or do something wrong; no one is perfect. But the difference is that he would apologize once he’s seen that he’s wronged you. A man who respects his lady never fails to apologize when he’s wrong. Being apologetic isn’t always an easy feature; it requires an absence of pride.

5. Treats you right even when with friends and family

Some men show half-baked respect to their women; treat them right when they are alone, but the opposite is the case when out of the home — it shouldn’t be so. A man who respects you would still give you that respect even when he’s with his friends and his family, and because he respects you that much, they would respect you as well.

6. He would listen to you

Men that respect their women listen to what they have to say; a relationship is never a one man affair; it’s about two people trying to be the best they can be to each other.

When he hardly ever listens to you then he doesn’t really respect you. A man who listens to his lady even when he doesn’t quite agree with her and still loves her no matter what, is a man who respects his lady.

Can you say your man respects you?