6 stupid reasons people give for cheating

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On 5 November 2016 saa 11:29
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Cheating partners actually enjoy the act of cheating and infidelity until they are caught. Ordinarily, as long as they aren’t caught, it’s okay for them to cheat. But when they are caught, they then regret their actions and come up with lots of excuses.

These are some common excuses people give for cheating.

1. You weren’t giving me attention

While it’s wrong for a partner to withhold attention, it still doesn’t justify the act of cheating on that person. If you truly care about that person and the relationship you have with that person, you wouldn’t really cheat.

2. I was blinded

Of course, it’s obvious that cheating on your partner is a blind decision, but giving the excuse of being blinded to the act is a blind excuse really.

3. I didn’t know it would get this far

There should be a limit to your relationship with someone of the opposite sex; this should keep you in check when you are going over the line. Not knowing when to draw boundaries and falling for someone while in a relationship is your fault, making this excuse really dumb.

4. It’s in my genes

People who actually believe cheating is in their genes end up cheating; it’s all a matter of what you believe in. If you believe you cannot do without cheating, you surely wouldn’t.

5. It happended so quick

So many things happen so quick; an accident could happen so quick, but cheating doesn’t happen so quick. Cheating isn’t an accident; it is thought about, planned, fantasised, wished for…before being executed.

6. I couldn’t control myself

It depends on what you see cheating as; if you see it as something thrilling and fun, you wouldn’t control yourself. But if you see it as what it really is — betrayal, selfishness, a relationship killer etc. then you’d learn to control yourself. It’s your perception of cheating that makes you cheat.

In all honesty, there isn’t really an excuse for cheating; because if you weren’t caught, you wouldn’t regret it in the first place.