6 things no lady should say to her man

Published by Elcrema
On 2 January 2017 saa 12:27
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Honesty is the best policy but sometimes it’s not always the best when it comes to relationships.

There are certain things you shouldn’t say to your man.

1. “I don’t like your friends”

It’s normal not to like some of your man’s friends but it’s really wrong for you to tell your man this. As long as his friends don’t impact negatively on your relationship with your man, avoid telling him you hate his friends.

2. Your friend is cute

Never tell your man that you find his friend super cute. Telling him this might make him a little jealous and you make him start comparing himself to his friend. Your man might also feel you prefer his friend to him.

3. My ex is well-endowed

Your honesty isn’t needed here. Just because you had an ex who is more endowed than your man doesn’t mean you should tell your man this. Keep this information to yourself.

4. “I don’t like your family"

Never tell your man you don’t like his family. Keep your opinion about his family to yourself.

5. “Shut up”

Never tell your man to shut up no matter how angry you are. Respect is an important trait that should be seen in every healthy relationship and telling your man to “shut up” is a sign of disrespect.

6. “You need to man up”

Never tell your man this. You should support your man in his moments of weakness.