6 things women dislike in bed

Published by Elcrema
On 16 September 2016 saa 02:43
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It’s not everything you do in the bedroom that pleases your woman. Although, she might keep it to herself, depending on the kind of person she is, there are things you might do that won’t get to her nicely, no matter how harmless the gesture or intentions might be. I have put together a list of six such things, take a look:

1. Long nails

Unless you don’t plan on using your hands, which by the way is a very big improbability, then you should never leave your finger nails uncut. And in case you’re still confused as to why this should be a problem to her, well, look at it this way, imagine being scratched on your inner skin with a knife (and that’s just putting it mildly).

2. Don’t use the wrong hole

Unless of course, you both swing like that, then ignore this, and simply move on to the next, otherwise, don’t even think about it. She’ll probably hate you if you do it.

3. Hair-pulling

You probably saw it on TV, and thought it’s cool; don’t believe everything you see on TV, most of it is totally unreal. It hurts to be pulled on the hair, no woman would tolerate it. Even if she doesn’t say it in the heat of the moment, she’ll keep it in mind.

4. Poor hygiene

Stinky mouth? Brush it! Smelly underarm or privates? Wash yourself and use some cologne. It’s a major turn off to smell bad in any way in the bedroom. And it’s not just about how you smell alone, it applies to everything you do in there.

5. Don’t skip foreplay

To women (most of them, at least), foreplay is everything. They don’t even really get in the mood for the main event, unless you engage them in some serious foreplay. Kissing, touching, and all the other basics, you must observe it all or you ain’t doing nothing. You got to treat her like she’s important, not like some whore.

6. Don’t dirty-talk if you can’t really dirty-talk

Dirty talking is a big deal if you know how to pull it off very well, without sounding like somebody else or someone from a porn movie. You got to be real and original. Women love it if you can do it right, but doing it right is where the problem lies; so my candid advice is, avoid it totally, if you know you can’t pull it off.

So there you go buddies. Avoid those things, and you should have no problems with your woman in the bedroom.