6 tips to stop overthinking

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On 25 August 2016 saa 02:16
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Are you stuck in a situation that seems unsolvable or you are currently facing crisis and you find yourself overthinking?

Do you worry about your past mistakes? You fear about the future? Or today’s life troubles seem to get you worried? These acts could make you become a victim to overthinking, and overthinking isn’t only bad for your health, but it’s bad for your mind and emotional wellbeing.

Do you want to stop overthinking? These tips would help.

1. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is a form of meditation where you have thoughts on the present, without judgment, worrying, obsession and every other negative emotions. You just breath, relax and let everything go.

2. Understand that overthinking isn’t healthy

Overthinking is harmful to the health, and studies have linked overthinking to anxiety and depression.

One particular study found that stress only occurs if an individual involved in a negative event think about it, and those who did not overthink about it did not become as stressed and depressed as those who did even though they have experienced many negative events in their lives.

3. Stop worrying about things out of your control

People overthink about things that are out of their control. You stop yourself from living when you do this. Try to let go of things that are out of your control; overthinking wouldn’t help at the end of the day.

4. Get busy

If you notice, you find yourself overthinking when you are idle.

When you get busy with something, there would be no time to overthink. Activities that are both physically and mentally engaging put you away from obsessive thinking patterns.

5. Try positive thinking

Rather than let negative thinking overwhelm you, fill your mind with positive thinking. Let positivity into your heart, and you would be surprised at what positive energy can bring.

6. Kick fear away

Don’t give fear a minute chance in your life. When fear exists, negative thinking would also exist.

Stop being afraid of the future, stop being afraid of the unknown, and remember that fear would only make any situation worse.