6 toxic behaviors in people should be wary of

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 24 November 2016 saa 11:50
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Sometimes, you tend to attract toxic people into your life because you don’t spot the toxic behaviours in them; so you let them in and they bring their negativity into your positive life. People with toxic behaviours will choke your life in many ways, and you have to be wary of the negative energy they bring. These are some of them:

1. People who love to gossip

Everyone has that little bit of gossip nature in them; humans are naturally curious beings that love to know about others and then wouldn’t mind sharing what they know with a close friend or family, but that’s by the way. There are people who just love to talk about others, carry rumours, reveal everything they know and say the things they aren’t supposed to say; this behaviour is a toxic one that’ll bring a lot of negative energy into your life and you should be wary of people like these.

2. Lies and dishonesty

There are people who are never honest, to the point that you don’t know when they are lying or saying the truth. People like these have a toxic nature in them that could choke you, so it’s important to know where to place them and not let them deep into your life. People like these aren’t even to be trusted.

3. Selfishness

People who only think of themselves are another set of people you should be wary of. Self-centredness is a toxic trait that can choke your life. A self-centred person cares about one person — himself/herself, and the moment you let them in, they’d want everything about the relationship to be about them. Selfish people don’t really care about you.

4. Constantly controlling

Beware of people who try to control you, and would want you to do their bidding at all times. People like these want to be in control of the friendship/relationship at all times, and they become angry or disappointed when you don’t do their bidding.

5. They generate constant chaos

Beware of people who bring drama with them — people like these are toxic. They tend to be dramatic at the slightest instance and would cause a scene where they shouldn’t. People with an attitude like this should be avoided.

6. People who talk about you

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this last set of people. People who’ll smile and say nice things about you when with you and then go behind your back and say mean and terrible things should be avoided at all costs. People like these are even worse than toxic, and they usually have many terrible behaviours that would choke your life.

Before you let people into your life, especially before you make them close to you, you ought to be sure of their behaviour, and it’s their behaviour that should make them close to you or not, else you’ll end up attracting toxic people into your life.