6 ways a man feel when you disrespect him

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On 8 November 2016 saa 11:56
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I’ve heard a lot of men say that they’d rather be respected and unloved than be loved and disrespected. Respect means a lot to a man, and when his woman disrespects him, there are some thoughts that play in his head.

1. You don’t value him

When a man feels disrespected, one major thing that comes into his mind is that you don’t value him and that he isn’t important to you. Respect to a man means value, and where he isn’t respected, to him he isn’t valued.

2. He feels hurt

A man’s ego is boosted when he’s respected and the hurt he feels when he’s disrespected is very high. Most men can’t handle being disrespected by their partner; it breaks a man’s soul.

3. He could regret being in the relationship/marriage

Being disrespected also brings so many negative thoughts to his mind, and one of them is the thought of regret. Men become disappointed in relationships/marriages where they’re disrespected, and that disappointment turns to regrets most times.

4. Dent in confident

Disrespect to a man means he isn’t valued, and every man loves to be valued. When he feels that he isn’t valued by his own woman, it would hurt his ego and confidence, and he may begin to feel insecure.

5. That you don’t love him

If you disrespect a man and tell him you love him, he wouldn’t believe you. Disrespect to a man means you don’t love him. Men equate love with respect, and disrespect with hate.

6. You don’t appreciate him

Of course, he wouldn’t feel appreciated when he’s disrespected. When you disrespect a man, he feels unappreciated, uncared for and unimportant.

Are you one of those women who disrespect their man? These are some of those things you are doing to him.