6 ways to build friendship in your relationship

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On 23 August 2016 saa 12:57
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When love and friendship exist in a relationship, that relationship will be a wonderful one; it will be peaceful and loving.

A major reason many relationship and marriage fail is that couples no longer become friends with each other, and the relationship would gradually lose the spark it once had, when this happens.

How can you build friendship with your partner?

1. Togetherness

Friends practice togetherness; they love to be with each other and do things together — but this is lacking in relationships where friendship doesn’t exist.

To have friendship in your relationship/marriage, togetherness must be present.

2. Fun moments

Friends love to hang out with each other; they love to have fun moments all the time, and even when they are indoors, it doesn’t stop them from having fun with each other.

Try to have fun moments with your partner often.

3. Talk about everything

Another characteristic of friendship is how they much they talk, listen and communicate with each other. Friends talk about everything and rarely keep secrets with each other; they confide in each other a lot, and this makes their bond stronger.

To build friendship in your relationship, communicating with your partner is highly important. Let your partner be that one person you can talk to and listen to always.

4. Don’t take each other serious

Many partners are just too serious with each other, and that’s why friendship is missing in their relationship. Friends joke a lot about many things; they tease each other a lot, and they have lots of those moments where they don’t have to be serious.

5. Do things for each other

Friends have each other’s back; they’re usually there for each other and want the best for each other, and this is what friendship is all about — doing things for each other and being there for each other.

6. Forgive and be friends again

Friends practice forgiveness; they find it hard to keep grudges for long — they have a strong bond and can’t do without each other. Friends also have issues, but they still care about each other even at that, and don’t take some of the wrongs to heart; they forgive each other and move on, and this is what you should bring to your relationship.

Your relationship will be much better when friendship exist in it. Inculcate these six things into your relationship/marriage and it will be the best ever.