6 ways to stop having money fights with your partner

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 7 October 2016 saa 01:15
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Money fights tend to cause a lot of problems in many marriages. People have different backgrounds and different ways they spend and use money, and this could cause a problem when two people with two different ideologies about money come together.

One research found that more than half of couples admitted that they quarrel a lot of the time about money.

Research also suggests that fighting over finance is more common among couples than arguing about sex.

So how then can you stop having money arguments with your partner?

1. Look for common grounds

A major reason couples have those money fights is because they fail to find a common ground, but choose to be persistent about what their own idea. Rather than insisting on what should happen, couples should try to find a common ground — and many of their money fights will disappear.

2. Communicate

Find easy ways to communicate with your partner when talking about your finances. You should both communicate about what you want and what you feel is right; it shouldn’t be like an interrogation. This way, it would be easy to find a common ground.

3. Cut off that feeling of frustration and irritability

When talking about your finances, cut off every feeling of anger, irritation and frustration. When these negative energies are present, you won’t be able to have a healthy discussion.

4. Plan together

Plan together, take major decisions together, and if there must be a compromise, it should be together. This will foster unity and give a sense of oneness that will enable you and your partner handle those money issues better.

5. Sat a limit

It could be that one partner is a spendthrift and the other loves to save; this could cause a lot of problems if you can’t both agree. The best thing to do in this situation is set a limit — both partners should agree on a limit that would go for shopping and spending and a certain percentage that should go for savings. By this, both partners would be in check and the money arguments would reduce drastically.

6. Fix it

Find solutions to your money problems; don’t keep having the same issues over and over, else your marriage will suffer. Try to find the best solution for every problem encountered, rather than leaving them to pile up; your marriage would only become toxic if you let them pile up.

Research suggests that if you can find a way to sync your money approach with your partner’s, you’ll have a healthier relationship — and this is absolutely true.