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7 divorce predictors and predators you shouldn’t let into your marriage
Published on 14-07-2016 - at 01:13' by Elcrema

There are some predictors that could tell your marriage is heading towards divorce; these predictors are predators. If given a chance they would ruin your marriage and make it difficult to fix.

These are some of those predictors you shouldn’t let in.

1. Contempt

A four decade study done by John Gottman found that contempt is a huge predictor of divorce. When you start to despise your partner, then that’s contempt. And contempt could totally ruin the love in your marriage and shouldn’t be given a chance.

2. Retaliation

Retaliation is another predictor and predator that could harm your marriage. When couples start to retaliate everything they do wrong to each other, it wouldn’t take long for hate to overshadow the love.

3. Grudges and being unforgiving

Keeping of grudges is a huge divorce predator, but when it reaches the point of being unforgiving, then your marriage is getting into trouble. Forgiveness is a vital marriage essential, and when it’s lacking, your marriage would easily lead to divorce.

4. You stop having sex

Don’t underestimate the importance of sex in marriage. When you stop having sex, especially as a young couple, your marriage could suffer. Sex and intimacy help couples bond, and when this bond is lacking, it’s a sign that your marriage is unhealthy.

5. Negative thoughts

Never let negative thoughts about your partner to cloud your mind; this is a divorce predator, and if you let those negative thoughts into your heart, it would definitely be a predictor that your marriage is divorce bound.

Your thoughts end up controlling what you do. If you start seeing just the bad in your partner, it wouldn’t be long when you would get fed up of that partner.

6. Thinking of an affair

When you start thinking of having an affair or start seeing someone else as good replacement for your partner, either sexually or emotionally, then you’re letting a huge divorce predictor in on purpose.

7. You fight over silly things

This is a huge predictor of divorce. When you don’t try to solve those little problems, rather you let selfish thinking and pride come between you and your partner, you are purposefully letting in a huge divorce predator without knowing it.

Having a beautiful marriage is a beautiful thing, but if you want to enjoy your marriage, you shouldn’t let these divorce predictors and predators in your home.



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