7 reasons a woman’s taste in men changes as she gets older

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 29 November 2016 saa 12:50
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When a lady is in her teens, thoughts of a perfect man serenades her head and all she wants is a perfect love story. But as she gets older, things change and her taste in men changes as well.

Why do this happen? What prompts the change in her taste in men?

I’ve written on the ways her taste changes, but why does it even change in the first place?

1. Her interest change

As a woman gets older, her interests in life changes; her views get broader and her thinking pattern changes as well. Even her mode of dressing changes with age, and this prompts a difference in her taste in men.

2. She has learnt a lot from her dealings with men

From over the years she must have learnt a lot from her relationships with men; she’d have understood that not all men are genuine and some will only come just for the sex. Her past experiences with men will cause her taste in men to change as she gets older.

3. She now has higher expectations

As she gets older, she tends to want more. A younger woman can easily date a street guy and be comfortable about it, younger girls even prefer to be with the ‘bad boy’ kind of guy. A younger lady in college wants to be with the most popular guy. But these things change as she gets older; she now wants more than that. Those things don’t mean anything to her anymore.

4. She guides her heart better into making the right decision

It’s normal for a lady to get hurt or heartbroken when she’s much younger. She’d probably have made a lot of poor decisions during her growing up days, and she wouldn’t want to make same mistakes as she’s older. So she guides her heart better and tries to make a better choice for herself. This makes her choices in men change over the years.

5.She understands men better

With time she gets to know men better and have a better understanding of men, compared to when she was much younger, and this understanding will also shape her choices in men.

6. She wants to get married

Of course, she doesn’t just want to have sex anymore; she wants love and companionship — she wants to get married. As a woman gets older, she wants something more than just a mere relationship, and it’ll prompt a change of taste in men.

7. Trivial things don’t tickle her fancy anymore

When a woman gets older, those little things that used to mean so much to her don’t mean that much to her anymore. Trivial things no longer tickle her; she’s no longer interested in a man’s looks and sexiness — she wants more than that.

A woman’s taste in men tends to change as she gets older, and it boils down to these seven reasons.