7 reasons attractive women date less attractive men

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On 28 August 2016 saa 12:27
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Why do attractive women date less attractive men? Almost all men must have asked this question at least once in their lifetime.

Most men seem to think the reason attractive women date less attractive men is mainly for financial reasons. This notion is so wrong as you would always miss the point if you think this way.

So why then do attractive women date less attractive men? Below are some of the best reasons attractive women date less attractive men

1. They are fun and spontaneous:

Every woman needs a guy who is fun to be with. Most very attractive men seem to rely on their good looks alone and forget that dating has to be exciting too. The less attractive man understands the importance of being a fun and spontaneous guy when trying to impress a woman.

2. Good looks aren’t very important to a woman:

When choosing a man, good looks isn’t the first on the list of qualities a woman wants in a man. She wants a man with an unquestionable character that would also make her feel loved. The less attractive guy understands this compared to the very attractive guy who believes his good looks should be enough for her.

3. Less attractive guys are more mature:

The very attractive guy keeps relying on his good looks and doesn’t act mature most times compared to the less attractive guy. The less attractive guy is more mature and offers the woman the stability she craves for.

4. They offer a secure relationship:

The very attractive guy rarely offers security in relationships because they understand every woman wants them. The attractive guy is mostly a player using his good looks to get every woman to his bed. With the less attractive guy, a woman feels secure as he is less poachable.

5. The beauty of the attractive woman could also be a curse

You know sometimes a woman’s beauty can be so intimidating to men as most men think she is high-maintenance, snobby or probably dating. The few men who get the chance to date her mostly date her so they can brag to friends that they had her in their bed. The less attractive man understands this struggle and knows in most cases, the very attractive woman is probably single, tired of being played with and seeking a real man. The less attractive man offers her all this.

6. The relationship is more likely to last:

The very attractive woman who wants a long-term relationship always goes for the less attractive man because they believe it’s more likely to last. the chances of him dumping her is low because he believes he is privileged to have her and he also has less girls around chasing him.

7. It gives them an edge in the relationship:

The very attractive woman understands dating a less attractive man gives her an edge in the relationship. She understands he is more likely to do what she desires because he adores her beauty.