7 reasons men keep secrets from women

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On 8 September 2016 saa 01:45
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Why do men keep secrets from women? This is a huge question, but one with very simple answers.

There are different kinds of secrets men keep, as revealed in this article, and almost every man keeps a secret from his lady; it could be something huge or something little or it could be something they deem unimportant (which the woman might see as important).

Why do men keep these secrets?

1. They don’t feel comfortable telling their lady

A lot of the times, men don’t feel comfortable discussing certain things with their woman, so they keep it a secret instead.

2. They don’t want to hurt her

It could be that he doesn’t want to hurt his lady’s feelings, so he’d rather keep a secret from her than tell her. For example, if he’s always eating at a restaurant rather than eating at home because he hates his lady’s cooking, he’d never tell her this for fear of not hurting her.

3. They are unsure of her response

Sometimes it’s the woman’s response that they are unsure of. Men want to tell their women a lot of things, but they’re unsure of the response they’d get.

4. The bond isn’t much

Couples who have great bond keep lesser secrets compared to couples who don’t bond well. If the bond is missing, there will always be secrets hidden somewhere.

5. They don’t tell each other things

Sometimes it’s as a result of the nature of the relationship. If the woman doesn’t tell the man things, there’s every probability he’d do same.

6. The secret is absurd

Sometimes, the nature of the secret is absurd. If he’s having a crush on another lady, you don’t expect him to tell his lady this. This kind of secret never gets revealed.

7. It feels like a trap

Sometimes, a man could feel trapped if he says a secret or even something bothering him. This is why he’d feel comfortable telling his buddies than his lady.

Is your man keeping secrets from you? It doesn’t go beyond these reasons.