7 secrets men tell their friends ,but don’t tell their ladies

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On 6 September 2016 saa 01:21
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There are a lot of secrets men keep from their women, but feel more comfortable telling their friends.

Men keep these secrets for various reasons; from being unsure of how she’d respond to not trying to hurt her feelings.

But, these are some of the secrets most men keep from their ladies.

1. The sex

Ladies, have you ever wondered what your man thinks about the sex with you; how highly he rates it, his expectations, his fantasies and what he probably doesn’t like? Men have their answers to these questions, but they’d rather discuss it with their pals than you.

2. Her flaws

Everyone has flaws, and there are certain things your man might not like about you; he might keep this away from you, but he’d tell his friends.

3. His fears about the relationship

A man could have certain fears about the relationship; many men have fears of taking the relationship to the next level, but they won’t tell you that. Men tend to keep this away from women, but discuss it with their buddies.

4. Some of the things she does that he doesn’t like

It could be your attitude, your demands, or something as flimsy as having to do or watch something boring with you. He might never tell you about these things he doesn’t like, but he’d tell his buddies.

5. What he tolerates

There are certain things he tolerates and try not to get angry at; he tells his buddies these things, but he keeps them away from his lady.

6. What he thinks of her expectations

It could be that she has high expectations of him and the relationship. Men discuss the expectations of their partners with their buddies; what they think about it, how they feel about it, but don’t do so with their ladies.

7. Her friends

Yes, he most likely has his thoughts on your friends; you might never get to hear this part, but he’d be open to tell his buddies.

Men keep different kinds of secrets from their women for various reasons, but they’re always willing to tell their friends about it.