7 things couples who love each other should do every day

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On 26 October 2016 saa 01:21
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Love isn’t just a word you say, love is an action word, and it’s in that action that you get to show someone just how much they mean to you, and how much you value what you share with them.

Many couples claim to love each other, but they let their actions betray them. The truth is, most people love their career, their goals, money and so many other things than they love their partner. And when this is the case, it could lead to so many loopholes that would cause that marriage/relationship to begin to falter.

If you love each other, these are some of the things you must be willing to do daily.


It’s no doubt that couples who communicate with each other last long with each other. If you love each other, you shouldn’t see communication as a job or chore; you should learn to talk and listen to each other daily. Know how your day went, listen to each other’s worries, news, goals, experiences etc. The act of talking and listening to each other is very important.


Couples who do things together, stay together, right? Practice togetherness, no matter how busy your schedule might be. Try to do at least one thing together; it could even be saying a prayer together. Don’t let your career and daily activities kill the togetherness you should share.

3.Appreciate each other

Appreciate each other every day; don’t wait for a huge thing to happen — appreciate even the little things your partner does. Appreciate the roles you both play for each other and appreciate the love and bond you share.

4.Do something for each other

No matter how little, do something nice and kind for your partner each day. Love is not an ordinary emotion; it comes with peace, empathy, forgiveness, tolerance and kindness. So do something kind for each other every day.

5.Say something to each other

Tell each other how much you love each other, compliment each other and say things to make each other feel better.


You must learn to love yourself before you can love someone else. When you love and accept yourself, you’ll find it easier to love another person.

So, if you love yourself and your relationship, you should be willing to improve every day; seek ways to be a better person and be a better partner. Check your flaws and the things you do that hurt your relationship (we all have them), and improve on it each day.


You must be willing to let go of certain things if you love your partner. Love comes with a forgiving heart; so if you aren’t forgiving your partner, it could be that you don’t love that person enough, or that you aren’t loving the right way.

If you love your partner and your relationship with that person, you must be willing to do these things, not once in a while, but every day.