7 things men talk about women (when with friends)

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On 3 September 2016 saa 03:12
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When a man is with his buddies, they tend to talk a lot about women; women from their older times, women they are currently dating or married to, or the ones they have a crush on and even the ones they dislike.

There are loads of things men talk about women, when they are together.

1. What they like/hate in a woman

Men talk to each other a lot about what they like and admire in a lady; they reveal those deep things that make them fall for a lady, and the things they want in their present/future lady. They also talk about the things they detest as well.

2. A girl they are trying to woo

Men also talk to each other about a particular girl they like and they’re trying to get. They talk about what they really want from her (i.e sex or relationship), how much they admire her and the progress they have made while trying to woo her.

3. Laugh at each other’s mistakes or choice

Men also laugh at each other and crack jokes about the mistakes a pal has made regarding a woman, and they even laugh at each other’s choices in a woman.

4. The sex

Men love sex and talk about sex a lot; they talk about their favourite sex positions, the ladies they’ve been with, the ones they have had the best sex with and their current sex life.

5. The woman troubles

Men tend to talk about the women troubles in their life; whatever is going wrong with the lady they are dating or trying to woo, they talk about it.

6. Advice on what to do

Men seek advice from each other on a lot of things regarding women. It could be how to win her over, about certain issues they are facing in the relationship and even sex. There’s always an advice giver and an advice seeker.

7. A crush

Guys have crushes a lot, and are almost always determined to win that crush over; it’s somehow like a sport to most men, and you know men love sports. Guys talk to each other about a girl they really like and want to have.

These are some of the common things men talk to each other about women, and talks like these always go with different kinds of jokes.