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7 things other than sex and good looks men love in women
Published on 31-08-2016 - at 01:25' by Elcrema

Every man loves sex and research has found that men have 5 times more testosterone than women, and in turn a higher sex drive than women.

However, there are some other things men also love in women.

1. Originality

Men also love women who are original; who don’t live a life of pretence and who they also feel original with. Women like these encourage men to be their real selves and not be someone else.

2. A beautiful smile

Men also love women who smile and laugh a lot. It just gives women an extra doze of beauty in a man’s eyes, and it makes a man see such a woman as adorable.

3. Spontaneity

Men also love when woman are spontaneous; women who could just do something out of the blues usually thrill their men.

4. Humour

A woman with a good sense of humour; who takes jokes naturally and also has her funny side would win over a man easily. Men love women with a humorous side.

5. A good cook

Men also appreciate women who can cook really appetising dishes. The aroma of a good food turns a man on, literally.

6. A caring woman

A woman with a good heart; who’s kind, loving and caring is also adored by men. Men love this motherly quality in a woman.

7. A natural woman

Sometimes a man just loves to appreciate the natural beauty of a woman. Many women these days love heavy makeups, and men now seem to appreciate natural looks a lot more.

While men might love sex and good looks, sometimes men also appreciate these little things.



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