7 things you do on the first date that will make him think about you all night

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 10 February 2017 saa 12:09
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What if you had the key to a man’s heart just after the first date? What if you could make him fall for you just after the first date of being with you? What if you could actually make him think about you all night long after that first date?

All these things aren’t impossible, and they can be achieved with just these simple tips.

1. Bring along your smiling face

A smiling face is worth more than all the expensive make-up kits you have in your closet. There’s a certain charm that surrounds you when you smile. Just be cheerful and smile a bit more; it’ll make him attracted to you in a different way.

2. Look amazing

You can’t look like a roadside vendor and just win his heart all of a sudden. People will first of all judge you based on what they see, before they discover more about you. Just look good, and he’ll love it.

3. Be exciting to be with

Bring your exciting personality along with you; be willing to talk and laugh and be excited about being on that date. You’ll find him addicted to you in no time.

4. Don’t try to be all flirty and sexual

Cut every sexual advances; if you want to win his heart and not his body, then sexual advances should be off the table. This will even thrill him more.

5. Compliment him genuinely

Look for certain things to compliment about him, but it has to be genuine. He’ll feel special when you do this.

6. Let him feel your positive energy

Come to the date with a positive energy, and your positive energy will also transfer to him. From your facial expression, your body language, tone of communication and everything — you should be positive.

7. Let your mind be on the date

If you are on the date, then your focus should be on that date. Distractions like your phone and passers-by shouldn’t kill the date. Let your focus be on him.

Enjoy that first date with him, and that’s the key to winning him over.