7 things you shouldn’t do when you are angry

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On 13 October 2016 saa 02:42
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The ability to handle anger properly is really important. When you don’t handle anger properly, you ruin your relationship and compromise your ability to perform everyday tasks like driving.

Below are 7 things you shouldn’t do when you are angry

1. Avoid making decisions

The worst time to make decisions are when you are angry. We often regret decisions made when we are angry. Avoid the temptation to quit a relationship when you are angry. Important decisions like quitting a relationship should be done when you are in a better frame of mind.

2. Avoid driving

Avoid driving when you are angry because you put yourself and other road users at risk. Our ability to focus and concentrate is diminished when we are angry and this could lead to poor judgment when driving.

3. Send messages

You can’t take back messages sent so it’s important you avoid sending messages when angry. When you are angry, you aren’t in control of your emotions and you could send a message you will regret later.

4. Avoid posting on social media

Posting on social media when angry isn’t something you should do. When you air your grievances on social media, you might post something you will regret later. Once you put it out there, its out there for the world to digest.

5. Shouting

Shouting when angry might make you feel better but it doesn’t address the problem. Venting might not have a positive effect.

6. Dwell on it

When you dwell on what made you angry and you refuse to let go, the problem will most likely spiral out of control. Dwelling on what made you angry can lead to you blowing the problem out of proportion. Learn to respectfully deal with the problem and let go.

7. Bottle it up

Bottling it up doesn’t make things better. Just because you are advised not to shout when angry doesn’t mean you should bottle it up. Holding anger isn’t good for your health. Find a way to respectfully solve the problem.