7 traits of trustworthy people

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 17 November 2016 saa 01:03
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Trust isn’t given for free; it is earned. To gain someone’s trust and make them trust you, you have to prove a lot by your actions. People will only trust you when they have tested you, and it’s in the things that you do every day that would make people to either trust you or not.

There are people who are trustworthy and there are people who aren’t trustworthy, and it’s what they do that separate them.

Below are the reasons why certain people are trusted.

1. They keep to their words

Trustworthy people try as much as possible to keep to their words; when they say something, they try to do it. However, an untrustworthy person would say so much and do nothing. People who say what they do tend to gain people’s trust.

2. Honesty

Trustworthy persons are honest; they tell the truth always and they don’t live fake lives. They wouldn’t try to be deceitful or take advantage of you. Because of their honesty, people tend to trust them.

3. They are reliable

Trustworthy people are people you can depend on, no matter what. You can rely on them to be there for you or stick to their words. They are believable and with them you are assured that they won’t hurt you or deceive you or do something negative.

4. They have integrity

Trustworthy people live a life of integrity; their characters and actions show integrity. They are honest and have good character; they tend to do what’s right.

5. They are accountable for their actions

Even when they make mistakes, trustworthy people don’t pass the blame onto someone else; they take responsibility for their actions.

6. They are consistent

Trustworthiness is built with consistency. They aren’t trustworthy today and untrustworthy the next day; they are trustworthy every day.

7. They are original

Trustworthy people don’t try to live a fake like or be someone else; they are who they are. Trustworthy people are real, and people take them for who they really are.

The key to being trustworthy lies in what you do, not what you say. People will only trust you when they see these qualities in you.