7 ways every woman can become irresistible to men

Published by Elcrema
On 28 January 2017 saa 03:50
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Ever wondered why some ladies are irresistible to men and others aren’t? There are secrets that can make every woman irresistible to a man.

Check them out below

1. Smile more

Men are naturally attracted to women who smile more. You make yourself unattractive when you don’t smile.

2. Greet him warmly

Nothing attracts a man like a woman who greets him warmly. Always make him feel liked when you meet him. Say hello with a huge smile and give him a huge hug.

3. Be fun to be with

No man wants to be around a woman who is too serious and boring. Men love being around women who are fun to be with. Learn to be playful and have fun.

4. Appreciate kind gestures

Don’t act like kind gestures from men are your entitlements. Learn to appreciate kind gestures. Men love women who show appreciation. You would wow him even more when you say “thank you” more than once.

5. Don’t sell yourself cheap

You make yourself less attractive when you sell yourself cheap by having sex with a man who isn’t your boyfriend. Mature men are attracted to women who make them wait for sex.

6. Be positive

Men are attracted to women who are positive so it’s important your conversations with him are positive. Stop all the negative conversations as they can be energy-sapping.

7. Compliment

Everyone wants to be flattered sincerely so don’t forget to compliment him. If you like something about him, tell him. You make him feel more confident and comfortable around you when you do this.