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7 ways to get your man open up more to you
Published on 22-07-2016 - at 01:02' by Elcrema

You would understand your man better when he opens up to you. A lot of women feel that men don’t have emotions, but that isn’t true; men also feel, they have emotions, but they express it different from women.

What you do, what you say and how you react could make your man open up to you or worse still, keep afar off from you.

These are some useful tips that would make him open up more to you.

1. Understand that men and women express their emotions differently

First, you need to understand that men and women express their emotions in different ways. While women tend to be more open about how they feel and certain things going on in their lives, men tend to guard their hearts more.

A research found that men are much more emotional than women, just that men are better at hiding their emotions. Understanding this would help you in your approach to getting him to open up to you.

2. Make him feel comfortable with you

For a man to open up to you, he has to feel safe with you, he has to be comfortable and at ease with you. If he doesn’t feel comfortable with you, he would never share his feelings or concerns with you.

Are you in a relationship where your man doesn’t open up to you? Making him feel comfortable with you is a step in the right direction.

3. Be calm

Calmness is also an important quality that would make him feel safe and open up to you. Forget about being judgmental, forget about what has happened in the past; just be calm. Losing your temper wouldn’t help your cause.

If he starts opening up to you, you need to remain calm; watch how you respond and what you say, because he’s noticing your reactions.

4. Be a good listener

He wants you to listen to him, he wants to have your attention, and listening to him thoroughly would make him open up more.

When listening to him, make him feel heard, make him feel understood and make him feel accepted.

5. Be his companion

A man would easily share his opinions with you when you are his companion rather than when you are up on his neck. Do things for him, do things together with him, be a shoulder for him to lean on, and you would get him to open up.

6. Let him know that he’s respected

Show him love, care and respect. Don’t nag him, ridicule him or insult him. When your man knows that he’s loved and respected, it would make him to open up more.

7. Show your kind side

He wants to know that you still have that kind heart; showing him your kind side would make him open up better to you.

Getting your man to open up to you depends on what you do and how you do it; if you go about it the wrong way, he would never open up to you.



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