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8 amazing skills and tricks you can apply to your daily life
Published on 13-07-2016 - at 01:26' by Elcrema

When I say ‘skills’, I don’t mean it as in driving or stuff like that; I’m talking about those little things that you can try at home to make your life better. On my list today, I have 8 interesting ones, so check them out, and thank me later!

1. Did you know that you can use a spring to keep your charger from getting damaged around the charging neck? How? Simply get a spring from an old pen you no longer use, and put it around the charging neck of your charger. This will give it some balance, and keep it from breaking, and getting damaged.

2. Smelly shoes? No problem! To get rid of that awful smell in your shoes, simply put a dry tea bag in them, leave it for a bit, and watch it work like magic; it’ll remove the smell, and leave your shoe smelling a lot better. Tea bags are great when it comes to absorbing moisture, and that is what is responsible for the bad smell in your shoes. You can also use the peeled off leaf of an orange or other citrus fruits to do this.

3. Is your microwave too small to contain 2 plates at a go? You can solve the space issues. To do this, after you put one plate inside, simply look for a tin with a lesser diameter and height (not lesser than what can carry your second plate), then place the second plate on the tin. Since the microwave works on a rotating principle, the rotation on the tin is transferred to the plate and space is conserved.

4. Is your laptop having heat isuues? Do this! Get an empty egg crate, and put your laptop on top of it every time you use it. This will not only create more room for air to enter the laptop, it’d also stop it from overheating, since egg crates are made from a material that repels heat.

5. Did you know that you can use an old newspaper to solve the liquid problem with your waste bin? Well, it’s easy, just place an old newspaper at the bottom of the waste bin, and watch it absorb all that liquid from the waste you drop in there.

6. Tough stains in your WC? Just pour some coke in the toilet, leave it for a couple of hours, flush, and watch it cleaned thoroughly. Coke has some acidic content that allows it remove tough stains.

7. Are you a heavy sleeper and you find it difficult to respond to calls and alarm when they go off? This method should help you solve that problem. Get an empty glass cup, set your phone alarm, and put it inside, when the alarm goes off, it’ll be much louder.

8. Do you have access to too many ‘unwanted’ plastic spoons? Instead of disposing of them, why not make something out of them… like a plastic lamp? It’s not hard, I’ll show you how.

Get a big bottle jar (should be plastic too), cut only the broad end with a knife, then move to the collection of spoons, cut the handle of each individual spoon and apply a tint of liquid gum at the broader end of the spoon. You can now start placing the spoon just around the tasty-time jar from bottom to top making sure that each spoon placed overlaps each other as you move towards the hollow neck, leave it to dry, then get a bulb (Bulb colour as you wish) with a lamp holder on a vertical support. Cover the bulb with the dried firm spoon catologue. There you have it, your Own Plastic Spoon Lamp.

Didn’t I say you’d thank me after reading that? Now, practice away, and see for yourself! Don’t forget to share.



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