8 characters only selfish people portray

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On 16 October 2016 saa 12:42
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Selfishness is one of human’s biggest problems. Naturally, humans are selfish beings, and our everyday lives revolve around ourselves – “Me”, “I”, “Myself” are three words humans know how to use very often.

We tend to think more of ourselves than we do of others. Of course, if there wasn’t selfishness, words like stealing, chaos, murder, adultery, looting and the lots won’t even exist.

Unfortunately, people bring that selfish behaviour into their relationships, family and everywhere they find themselves.

These are some common characters selfish people exhibit.

1. They love favours

No one loves favour more than a selfish person; a selfish person would want you to do something for them and wouldn’t care how you do it, what it would cost you and the implications of the favour; they just want it done.

2. They hardly handout favours

For all their love of favours from people, selfish persons don’t or hardly hand out favour to others. They hate to give out their things or help out others, and when they do, they do it grudgingly.

3. They feel you owe them

A selfish person might want a favour from you, and would believe that they deserve the favour; it’s more like you owe them that favour. Selfish people think they deserve special treatment from you.

4. They hate criticisms

Selfish people hate when they are criticised even if they are being rightly criticised. They just want people to think highly of them at all times and give in to all their demands.

5. They never evaluate the implications of their actions

Selfish people do things without minding the effects it would have and the implications their actions might cause. As long as it doesn’t hurt them, then that’s all that matters.

6. They think so highly of themselves

It’s common for a selfish person to see themselves as better than others; they see themselves as the more mature and intelligent ones, and other’s are less intelligent than them.

In a selfish person’s eyes, they are perfect.

7. They are manipulative

Selfish people can be so manipulative at times and full of scheming and plotting, just so that they can get what they want.

8. Selfish people have a high sense of “me first” attitude. They want what they want first. They usually have a strong desire to be in control and for others to do their bidding and are unwilling to compromise with others.

Selfish people are guilty of these characters. There are various degrees of selfishness, and the more a person exhibits these characters, the more selfish they really are.

Are you a selfish person?