8 pieces of bedroom advice every woman would love to give her man

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 30 October 2016 saa 01:27
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So many men just assume the things their partner wants in bed. I know every man desires to please his woman in bed but you can’t achieve this if you don’t know the things she wants from you in bed. To please your woman in bed as much as possible, you have to digest every single word in this article.

Below are 8 pieces of advice every woman would love to give her man

1. Don’t just kiss her lips alone

Every woman loves been kissed by her man but most men don’t really take advantage of this. Most men go for the forehead kiss, and kiss on the lips and neglect other parts of the woman’s body. She enjoys the forehead kiss and kiss on the lips but she also wants to kissed all over her body. She wants you to kiss her neck, her stomach, thighs and every other part of her body. Kissing is a way of showing affection and if done properly is a wonderful way of connecting to her.

2. Don’t neglect foreplay

Men usually tend to be in a rush, thereby skipping foreplay and going directly to the main event. Your woman wants you to take your time to enjoy and discover each other’s body. Women love foreplay; she wants to be turned on to the point where she begs you to come inside her. Most men need to understand that foreplay feels incredible for women and having a good foreplay will lead to an incredible sex.

3. Talk dirty

We love it when our man talks dirty to us but for some reason only known to the men, not many men participate in it. Women also don’t want the dirty talking to be limited to the bedroom. Spice up the relationship by sending text messages throughout the day stating the things you would want to do to her. Learn to talk dirty to her because women are imaginative and vocal beings.

4. Size doesn’t matter

She would want you to stop worrying too much about the size of your junk because sex has nothing to do with the size of a man’s junk and everything to do with the way you make love. So instead of worrying about the size of your junk, she would instead want you to learn to use what you’ve got.

5. Women also enjoy dominating

While it’s so sweet to have our man dominate us in bed, women also want to dominate their man in bed. Women also enjoy being in charge in bed once in a while because it’s empowering as well as satisfying. So learn to allow her be the boss and dominate in bed sometimes as you would also enjoy the sight of her doing her thing on you.

6. She wants to please you

Every woman enjoys pleasing her man in bed and this is something most men don’t know. She wants you to vocalize what you enjoy the most during sex. She expects you to tell her what you want and like without being shy. As women, we enjoy it when our man tells us we are doing something right during sex. Women love acknowledgment not only in sex but also in life.

7. Try new things in bed

Routine in sex kills the excitement and makes it boring. Women want men to know that taking risks and trying new things in bed is actually a good thing. Women get bored easily so trying new positions during sex helps create a new experience between a man and his woman which is a great way of discovering one another. Trying new things in bed would also help spice up things in bed.

8. Do not forget your romantic side

Most men tend to forget their romantic side after a certain amount of time of being with a woman. She wants you to understand that she appreciates you trying to be romantic. Being the romantic man she wants would also lead to an amazing time in bed with her.