8 polite ways to say ’no’ to your boss

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On 24 May 2017 saa 09:34
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You might be faced with a difficult situation where you’d have to say no to your boss. This might be a very dicey one, but there are some very polite ways of saying no without being disrespectful, even when you know that “the boss is always right”.

1. First, you must be a dedicated worker

You can’t be a nonchalant worker and say no to your boss; you’d only infuriate your boss and probably get the sack. But if you’re diligent and dedicated to work, your boss will be more understanding when you say no.

2. Analyse before saying no

Probably you have your plate full and your boss has given you more work to do, don’t rush into saying – analyse if you can meet up the task, and then try to look at it from different angles and even the angle of your boss before deciding whether to say no or not.

Never rush into saying no.

3. Tell your boss everything

If you probably can’t cope with the task for that day and you are a dedicated worker who doesn’t give excuses every now and then, your boss will listen to you and give you the benefit of doubt. So don’t hesitate to give your boss the reasons why you have to say ‘no’, and your boss is most likely going to understand, given your pedigree for commitment at work.

4. Have a transparent relationship with your boss

Having a transparent relationship with your boss will make it easier for you to do the third tip and it’ll make it easier for your boss to understand your point of view. However, when you are dodgy, you give your boss no choice but to be adamant.

5. Be on the same page with your boss

Want the same success your boss wants, work hard to achieve the set vision and be committed to the project. When you do this, your boss will be more lenient to you; it’s human psychology, and this will give you the edge over other employees.

6. Set boundaries from the start

If you can’t work during weekends, it’s best to establish that boundary from the onset. It’s better this way than trying to change it in future.

7. Try come up with an alternative solution

Saying no to your boss sometimes might be too harsh and you know it. If you can, try to make an alternative arrangement to suit both your needs and that of your boss. Your boss will truly appreciate your concern.

8. Keep to your words

Always keep to your words; let your words be as important to you as your money, because keeping or not keeping to your words say a lot about you. If you’ve made an alternative plan with your boss, keep to your words.

Saying no to your boss couldn’t be so hard after all.