8 things most women hide from their partners

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On 14 September 2016 saa 12:44
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Women tend to keep a lot of information from their partners; either they see it as something unnecessary or because they don’t feel comfortable with sharing it. Women also hide certain things from their man because they feel it could negatively affect their relationship.

So what then do women hide from their partners?

1. Their sexual preferences

In a bid not to be seen as a whore or give a bad impression about themselves, many women hide their sexual preferences and fantasies from their man.

2. Their account statement

Many women also hide their financial statements from their man; they prefer not to allow their man know the full length of their financial strength. Married women use it as a security measure or an impulse to have a plan B just in case their man got broke or the marriage dies.

3. That they check his phone

Almost every woman checks her man’s phone, but they don’t tell him this. No matter how much she trusts her man, she tends to check his phone.

4. That they get tired of the chores

In many homes, women do most of the domestic chores. A lot of women get tired of this, but they don’t really tell their man.

5. Their remarks about their partner’s sexual abilities

Women have what they think about their man’s sexual prowess; but most women don’t tell their man this so as not to hurt his ego or boost it. Women usually have what they think about a man’s performance, but they keep it to themselves.

6. That they check out other men

Women check out other men too, but men don’t know this. It doesn’t mean that they want to have sex with him or flirt with him; they just admire him and move on. But they wouldn’t tell you this, so as not to make you jealous; it usually ends in her circle.

7. Number of men they have been with

While men don’t see it as a big deal to recount their sexual escapades, women don’t tend to reveal how many they’ve been with. And most times, they regret some of the men they’ve had in their life, because they might have dated jerks and weren’t proud of their choices while growing up.

8. Their real thoughts about you before the relationship

Some women had deep crush on their man even before they said yes to him, and some hated their man but finally got to know him and fell for him. She tells her friend this, but it’s something she wouldn’t tell you.

Women don’t tell men everything, and these are some of those secrets they keep.