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8 things women think of when giving a man a head
Published on 15-07-2016 - at 01:32' by Elcrema

Most guys would give the world for ladies to go down on them and I mean it when I say the world. While some ladies would never go down on a man, some are so good at it.

Have you guys ever paused to think what could be going through her head as she is working on you down there?

I have got 8 things most women think of when giving a guy a head. Let’s get a little naughty, enjoy this piece

1. How do I start this?

I bet most ladies have done this. Some would frown when asking this question while others just keep a straight face. This is one silent question every woman has asked in such moments.

2. Jeez,he’s so big

That moment she brings his stuff out of his trousers and screams silently. Most start comparing the size to the size of the other guy, LOL.

3. I wonder why he likes it

Yeah they do this. Most ladies wonder why guys love them going down; Why don’t you just ask him to get his answer, LOL.

4. What if he comes in my mouth?

Most ladies are worried about the guy coming in their mouth, LOL. Some would even tell him to let them know when he is about to, LOL.

5. I need him to come quick

Some ladies wish they could just fast-forward the whole process so they could be done with it, LOL.

6. Hope I don’t choke?

LOL, no you won’t dear. I bet you most ladies have asked this question at least once

7. Hope he likes it?

This bothers most girls a lot. Sometimes they feel they are not good at it and worry themselves too much. Maybe his Ex did it better. LOL.

8. My jaw hurts,can we just stop this

LOL, don’t deny it ladies, you also ask this too.

Hope you enjoyed this? It’s nice to be naughty sometimes you know.



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