8 things your partner wants to hear regularly

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On 8 February 2017 saa 02:48
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Communication is important in every relationship and you keep the spark in your relationship alive when you say the right things.

Here are 8 things your partner wants to hear from you regularly

1. “You make a difference in my life”

There are certain efforts your partner make always that makes a difference in your life and it’s important you appreciate your partner for such efforts as you make him/her do even more when you appreciate.

2. “You are my priority”

Your partner has to be your priority and you make your partner feel extra special when you tell him/her that you consider him/her before you do anything or take any decision.

3. “I can’t find anyone better”

You make your partner know he/she is the best in the world when you tell him/her that you can’t find anyone better.

4. “I love being with you”

When was the last time you told your partner this? It’s important you always remind your partner that you enjoy his/her company and love being with him/her.

5. “How was your day?”

This is a very important question everyone should ask their partner everyday. Small gestures like asking your partner about his/her day can do a lot more than you can imagine for your relationship.

6. “I’m sorry”

Saying sorry when you are wrong doesn’t make you less of who you are, it only shows how much you value your relationship. If you value your relationship, you should be brave enough to admit your mistakes and apologise.

7. “I like it when you do that”

Appreciating the little things in a relationship matters so if you really like something your partner does, don’t forget to let your partner know.

8. “I love you”

You should never let a day pass without telling your partner you love him or her. Always remind your partner of how much you love him/her.