8 ways to build a good relationship with your boss

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On 5 October 2016 saa 02:00
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Having a good relationship with your boss would bring more good than harm.

Every boss is human, and even the so-called ‘bad bosses’ can be human if you approach them the right way.

How can this be done?

1. Get to know your boss’s communication style

Everyone have their way of communicating and passing along information. If you can pay attention and get to know your boss’s style of communication, you’d easily have a good relationship with that boss.

If you notice, even the bad bosses have their favourite employees.

2. Be professional

Don’t take things for granted; be hardworking, focused and diligent. Avoid coming late to work and avoid gossips and office drama. When you are a professional, your boss will definitely notice this and hold you in high esteem.

3. Good relationship doesn’t mean friendship

The fact you want to have a good relationship with your boss doesn’t mean you should be friends with your boss.

Having a good relationship doesn’t mean it should transcend to friendship. You can have a good professional relationship and be on good terms with your boss.

4. Be proactive and innovative

Every employer values employees who are fully motivated and can take the initiative to develop new and sound ideas that’d push the company forward. Proactive and innovative employees would always excite their boss.

5. Remember your boss is human

The fact that your boss is superior to you at work doesn’t mean they’re more perfect humans. No! Your boss could also make mistake, overreact, get angry and do certain things that could get on your nerves. It just shows that they are humans.

6. Don’t wait for praise

Do your work diligently without waiting for praise. Whether you are praised or not shouldn’t stop you from doing what you ought to do. Maintain your professional attitude at all times.

7. Understand your boss’s mood

Understand when your boss is in a good mood, a bad mood or a normal mood. Understand your boss’s mood before approaching them.

8. Drama

Avoid anything that will create unnecessary drama between you and your boss.

Having a good relationship with your boss will be in your best interest, and with these tips you wouldn’t join the bandwagon of people who keep calling their bosses names.