8 ways you fail as a wife

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On 19 June 2017 saa 08:31
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Self-examination is very important in a relationship and marriage, but the problem lies in the fact that many people fail to examine themselves in their marriages; they just feel they are on the right track and do little to nothing to examine what their wrongs are in the marriage.

These are some common ways wives tend to fail in their marriage:

1. Want all the affection and give none

It’s easy to crave all the attention; after all society has taught women to do so, but it shouldn’t be so. Don’t crave all the affection and attention and forget to give your man as much attention and affection.

2. Not giving the man enough respect

Respecting your man shows just how much you value him, and not giving him respect shows how little you value him. You fail as a wife if you don’t value your wife.

3. Putting others before your husband

Never bring your husband down to the point of thinking that someone else is above him in the pecking order. You fail as a wife if you put your family and friends before your husband. Inasmuch as they should be important to you, your husband is still your priority.

4. Thinking you are always right

Believing you are always right makes you wrong in the first instance. Be able to reach a compromise, as much as you want your voice to be heard you must listen as well.

5. Using sex as a bargaining tool

Sex is seen as a weapon by most wives — a weapon to get what they want. But is sex really a weapon? If you must use sex as a weapon, then it should be a weapon that will bring you closer to your man. It’s an unfair act to use sex as a bargaining tool.

6. Constantly reminding him of the past

No matter what he has done in the past, you have to let go of it. A lot of women fail in this aspect; they constantly bring the man down by reminding him of his every mistake, his past failures and his past wrongs.

7. Nagging

A lot of wives believe their nagging will change their man, but they are only pushing him away with their persistent nagging. Nagging will only make your man run far away from you, and you’d barely have peace in your marriage if you are a nagging wife.

8. Criticisms

Many women are guilty of this act, without knowing that they are hurting their homes. Constantly criticising your husband will put him under undue pressure and you’ll lose him in the long run.

You fail as a wife when you put up these traits. Being a wife isn’t just a title, it’s a responsibility.