9 beautiful ways to kiss a man

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On 19 November 2016 saa 03:09
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There’s a way you would kiss your man that would make him desire you more. A woman’s lips are a powerful tool that could create a lot of feelings and desires in a man, but it all depends on how she uses it.

If you want to kiss a man in an affectionate way that’ll make him want you more, this is how you do it.

1. Close the space

The first step to kissing your man in an affectionate manner is to close up the distance between the two of you. Slowly move closer to him, and you’d most likely arouse him discreetly.

2. Create a gentle contac

After getting close to him, create a gentle body contact, and he’d instinctively feel drawn to you. A gentle body contact will make him want and desire you.

3. Your facial expressions

Let your facial expression show that you want to have an intimate moment with him. Your face shouldn’t look flat and plain; it should be like a woman with emotions and who feels wanted.

4. Let him take the lead

These three steps will make your man take the lead and leave it off from where you started. Kiss him too, but let him initiate the process and kiss you more.

5. Use your hands

Slowly move your hands around the sides of his shoulder, his back and then under his arm repeatedly. By doing so, you encourage him to kiss you more.

6. Let out a cheeky smile

Letting out a cheeky smile will give him the impression that you are enjoying it, and he would want to kiss you more. Also, it’ll make you look beautiful.

7. Lean up to him

If he’s taller, lean up to him; it isn’t only cute, but it will make it easier for him and make him more comfortable with you. Besides, it’s cute as well.

8. Enjoy the moment

Don’t just stand there; enjoy the moment, and the more you do, the more he’ll want to kiss you back.

9. Switch things up

Change your kissing style, change your head position, spice things up a little and kiss him in other places apart from his lips.

If you haven’t kissed your man this way, you probably haven’t kissed him at all.