9 major signs you have a relationship heading towards marriage

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On 6 October 2016 saa 12:56
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There comes a point in one’s life where you no longer date for the sake of it — you build meaningful relationships that’s future bound; your relationship isn’t about the games and the fun anymore.

When you’re in such a relationship that’s heading towards marriage, there are signs that reveal so, just as there are signs that show the relationship isn’t marriage bound.

These signs below suggest that your relationship is heading towards marriage.

1. You have genuine love for each other

When the love you share is genuine and true, and you aren’t just attracted to each other, but share something deeper, then that’s a healthy relationship that’s heading towards marriage.

2. You are honest with each other

When you still play games with each other, deceive each other and aren’t honest with each other, it clearly shows that relationship may not have a future. Both partners who create a trustworthy relationship by being honest with each other have a relationship that’s heading towards marriage.

3. You are both committed

Commitment is a good sign that a relationship is going in the right direction, because without it, the relationship will suffer. When you and your partner are committed to each other and are committed to making the relationship work, it clearly shows your relationship is on the right path.

4. You communicate

Communication is key for a healthy relationship. When you and your partner have a relationship where communication is paramount, then the bond, trust and unity will definitely be high — creating a pathway for a good marriage.

5. You both care about the relationship

When the relationship means so much to one partner but doesn’t mean much to the other partner, the relationship might not lead to marriage. However, when the relationship means a lot to you and your partner, it could be said that the relationship is marriage bound.

6.You both fix it

Because the relationship means so much to the both of you, you both try to fix it when it’s broken; you don’t let petty fights and arguments come between what you have.

7. You both claim responsibilities for your actions

When you and your partner have a kind of relationship where you both admit when you are wrong and take responsibilities for your actions, and you tend to apologise and forgive each other — you clearly have a beautiful relationship that might lead down the aisle.

8. You are teammates

When you aren’t just partners who have a relationship with each other, but are teammates who are supportive of each other and who want the best for each other, then that’s a healthy sign that your relationship is heading in the right direction.

9. You talk about the future

When you both talk about the future, plan towards the future and see yourselves as part of each other’s future, plus added to these previous 8 tips, it clearly shows your relationship is bound to lead to marriage.

Every relationship you have shows signs — healthy signs and unhealthy signs, and it’s up to you to read meaning to those signs and understand where the relationship is heading.

These signs above are healthy signs that show your relationship might just be marriage bound.