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9 qualities of a good friend
Published on 22-07-2016 - at 01:39' by Elcrema

To cultivate a healthy and lasting friendship, there are certain qualities you should have.

Here are 9 qualities of a good friend

1. A good friend is honest

A good friend is honest and speaks openly from the heart. A good friend won’t say something when with you and say something else behind you.

2. A good friend is indispensable

A good friend is dependable and will never let you down. A good friend is someone you can always count on and someone who is willing to stand up for you.

3. A good friend is non-judgmental

A good friend won’t judge the choices you make, regardless of how these choices may differ from theirs.

4. A good friend is loyal

Loyalty is a trait a good friend has. A good friend is loyal, won’t let others criticize you and won’t gossip about you.

5. A good friend will always support you

A good friend won’t be supportive only in good times; a good friend will also support you in bad times.

6. A good friend is fun to be with

A good friend isn’t someone who is always negative but is someone whose company you will always enjoy. A good friend always sees the positive side of life.

7. A good friend shows empathy

A good friend always knows when his/her friend isn’t feeling okay because a good friend tries to understand what is going on with a friend.

8. A good friend listens

A good friend understands the importance of communication and values it too. A good friend understands communication isn’t effective only when we talk but it becomes effective when we listen. A good friend listens.

9. A good friend is trustworthy

A good friend is someone you can trust when you are vulnerable. A good friend is someone you can be real with.

To develop a meaningful and lasting friendship, you need to have these qualities.



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