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9 reasons why nurses make good relationship partners
Published on 3-08-2016 - at 01:01' by Elcrema

Have you considered dating a nurse? Well, nurses make good partners and I’ve got proof.

1. Nurses are hardworking people

You can’t be a good nurse and be lazy. Nurses put in a lot of work; they work long hours and even work at odd hours. This makes them very hardworking.

2. They are good listeners

To be a good nurse you have to be a good listener; you have to listen to your patient and understand what they are saying, and what they aren’t saying.

3. They are highly observant

Being observant is a key quality of a nurse. Nurses have to be highly observant when dealing with a patient, and pay attention because they have lives of others in their care.

4. They are good teammates

A team of nurses always cooperate together, during an operation, during working hours and even when they are off.

5. They have a good medical background

Nurses have a good medical background and know how to handle medical situations. This makes them good partners when you are sick and they would help you make better health decisions.

6. Nurses are compassionate

Nurses have a good heart and are compassionate people; they can be understanding and share your pains with you too.

7. They are hygienic and organized

Nurses are hygienic and organised people; most nurses tend to be neat and orderly people.

8. They have a good sense of humour

Nurses have a good sense of humour; they know how to chip in some cool jokes that could calm situations down.

9. They know when to be concerned

Nurses know when something isn’t right; they are very sensitive people, and know when to show concern.

Nurses also tend to be good-looking and very attractive people too. Don’t nurses just rock?



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