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9 simple things your man expects from you
Published on 13-07-2016 - at 01:08' by Elcrema

Even when a man loves you and wants to have a relationship with you, there are certain simple things he expects from you.

A lot of women are oblivious of these things; but really, your man would appreciate you better when you do these simple things.

These are the simple things he expects from you.

1. To be more understanding

Your man expects you to be a bit more understanding; he sees you as an important person in his life, much more than other women, and he expects that extra bit of understanding from you, even when others won’t.

2. To be supportive

If there is anyone your man would want to have his back; it’s his lady which he cares so much for. He expects you to be supportive of him and to be there for him at all times — both the bad and the good.

3. To believe in him

He might not tell you this, but he expects you to believe in him, even when he wouldn’t believe in himself. He wants you to have that extra faith in him, and he would really appreciate this.

4. To stop getting angry over little things

Your man expects you to tolerate his excesses. He knows he could be a handful at times; but he expects you to be more tolerating and to stop nagging over every thing he does.

5. To him appreciate

Your man wants you to appreciate him; he wants you to appreciate the little things he does for you as much as you appreciate the big ones. He wants you to love him sincerely and appreciate his role in your life.

6. To be sexy for him

Every man expects his lady to look good, to look sweet and to also look sexy for him. He doesn’t want you to stop being sexy or beautiful because you’ve won his heart; he wants you to be full of surprises.

7. To thrill him

He also wants you to thrill him; he wants that element of surprise from you. It could be by preparing him a special dish, by spicing up things in bed, getting him a gift, taking him on a date when he least expects.

8. Value his opinion

He expects you to value his opinion, even though you may not agree with everything he says, or you might be at loggerheads with him over some issues; he just wants to feel valued — at all times.

9. Give him attention

Women want attention, and men also want attention; the only difference is that women are more vociferous about this than men. He wants your attention, and he wants to know that he’s desired.

Even though he might not tell you these, these are what he wants from you.



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