9 things that would make your partner kiss you regularly

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On 19 October 2016 saa 02:14
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Some things you do could make you kissable and some things you do could make your partner be less into kissing you.

Kissing is born out of emotions such as love and attraction – the urge for intimacy and desire. Kissing is an important part of a relationship and it comes with some health benefits. You can read 7 health benefits of kissing.

It could be said that couples who don’t kiss each other have lost the spark in their relationship, but there are some things you do that would make your partner want to kiss you more.

1. Be a good kisser

Everyone loves a good kisser and being a good kisser would make your partner become attracted to your lips. Kissing carries emotions and helps bond couples; being a good kisser would make your partner bond with you and wouldn’t want to let go of those lips. Read 7 tips to being a good kisser.

2. Fresh breath

Bad breath is a turn off, but a good breath would make your partner want to kiss you more. Maintain a fresh breath and your partner would remain glued to your lips.

3. Nice scent I

You would be wrong to think that only a fresh breath is enough to make your partner kiss you more often. A fresh breath plus a nice scent is the perfect combination; with this, you wouldn’t even need to do much to draw your partner to your lips.

4. Smile more

Do you know how attractive you look when you smile, compared to when you frown? Don’t keep that sad face or frown unnecessarily; smile more and you would look so kissable.

5. Be more attractive

Attraction is what entices couples to kiss; whether it’s physical attraction or attraction as a result of scent or sexual or emotional attraction. Kissing is born out of attraction and the more attractive you look to your partner, the more your partner would want to kiss you.

6. Appreciate being kissed

People don’t know this, but appreciating your partner for kissing you would prompt your partner to kiss you. Tell your partner things like “I love it when you kiss me” and that would be the catalyst to making your partner kiss you more.

7. Be positive

You can’t be a negative partner in the sense that you nag a lot and hurl abuses at your partner and expect your partner to be attracted to your lips; when what comes out of your lips are harsh words then you are chasing your partner away. Be more positive and kind with words.

8. Body contact

Body contact is also enough to prompt a kiss. Hug and cuddle more and make bodily contact with your partner.

9. Body language

Your body language can also prompt your partner to kiss you. Understanding your partner and what turns him or her on is important, making body contact is important; staring at your partner’s lips is a sign that you want to be kissed, and placing your face beside your partner can also prompt a case. Proper body language can make your partner kiss you, without you even saying a word.

Do not let the kissing die in your relationship; it’s a huge sign of attraction and it’s important for your relationship.