9 things women check in men when they meet you for the first time

Published by Elcrema
On 4 January 2017 saa 10:34
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It isn’t only men that do the checking out; women also check men out when they meet a man newly, and even research suggests that many people have an impression on someone just a minute after meeting that person.

So, it’s safe to say that first impressions matter, and these are some things most women check out.

1. His dress sense. Surely this has to come on top of the list for many women. How well or bad a man is dressed is something she’s definitely going to check out.

2. His Posture. Women also pay attention to a man’s posture, style of walking and even his body language.

3. Consciously or unconsciously, women gauge a man’s confidence and charisma from the first day of meeting.

4. His appearance. A lot of women check out a man’s appearance; his hair, his beards and his level of cleanliness.

5. His smile. Many women actually check out a man’s smile, and if he has a good smile, they could become attracted to him.

6. Your accessories. Take it or leave it, some women are going to check out your wrist watch, belt, shoes and all those things you might feel wouldn’t matter; it actually matters to some women.

7. Humour. Even researchers have found that women are attracted to a man with humour. How a man talks and his sense of humour is another thing a lot of women watch out for.

8. His intelligence. To some women, his level of intelligence is very important, and from the get-go they are already assessing him in that aspect.

9. Body stature. Different women with preferences to different body types. A man’s height, weight, size and build are some things women also check out.

Besides all these, there are still some hidden things women will check out for, and you might not even know.

If you think women don’t check men out, then you need to have a rethink.