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9 things women do that annoy their man
Published on 3-08-2016 - at 01:12' by Elcrema

Almost every man can attest to the fact that sometimes your lady does something that seems to annoy you but all you do is act normal so as not to cause a hitch between you and your partner.

However, ladies do some of these things without even knowing that they are probably annoying their man — but in reality, the man gets annoyed by these acts.

9 things ladies do that annoy their man

1. Talk about an ex

Personally, I’ve also been a victim of this; a lady I used to date almost always talks about her ex, and such conversations leaves me feeling awkward, and I try as much as possible to change the discussion at every point in time. However, I observed that she didn’t do this intentionally and she had no intentions of going back to her ex, but it still didn’t stop that awkward feeling. I’ve never seen a man who loves listening to a conversation about his lady’s ex— it’s annoying but ladies don’t know this.

2. Mood swing

Women have this habit of having a mood swing at some point in time, for no just reason and with no fault from the man. The annoying part of it is the man doesn’t even know the cause of the mood swing and when he tries to lift up the lady’s mood, she pours everything on him. Mood swing doesn’t just annoy men, it leaves them feeling infuriated.

3. Unnecessary calls

Any man who has a lady that calls him unnecessarily at probably odd hours would tell you how annoying it is. When he’s at work, she calls; at a business meeting, she calls; sleeping at night, she calls and so many of those kinds of situations. She probably might think she’s doing the right thing by checking on her man regularly, but in essence, the man is going nuts and probably can’t say. When a man is extremely busy, calls could be quite infuriating especially when it’s done for no reason. Every lady should try to understand her man’s timing of events and stop calling every hour unnecessarily.

4. Get angry at the slightest instance

This is also another thing women do that men most times can’t comprehend. It’s normal to get angry but when a lady gets angry at the slightest instance, it could be quite annoying. Even when the man tries to apologise, deep down he feels annoyed.

5. When he has to apologise for very long

Loving a lady sometimes takes a huge responsibility and one of those responsibilities is apologising for long periods unnecessarily. When she gets angry at the slightest instance and you have to plead for a very long time is something that infuriates every man but he wouldn’t say.

6. Unnecessary delay

We understand women really love to look good and we love it when our ladies look good, it’s a thing of pride, but the waiting process is never easy. No matter how calm a man’s demeanour is, deep down he hates it when he has to wait for very long hours for his lady when they are supposed to go out together. A man naturally understands a lady has to look good but one thing we hardly understand is why it takes so much time.

7. Not believing our compliments

It’s quite disturbing when you appreciate your lady and she either doesn’t believe you or she doesn’t take it serious. When a man truly loves a lady and compliments her, he means it and also wants that lady to take him for his words.

8. Thinking another guy is hot

Hot is a word that would give a man chilly spines when his lady uses it to refer to another man. It might seem domineering but men feel a little edgy when their lady thinks another man is hot; handsome might probably be a more subtle word to use or more preferably tell only your friends

9. Insecurity issues

Some women even as beautiful as they may look still have insecurity issues and it’s something that really annoys men. When she disbelieves she’s beautiful or that her man likes her for who she is or when she thinks every other lady is better than her or when she suspects her man is thinking of someone else and comes up with the question ‘what are you thinking about?’ Such things infuriate men; men hate it when the woman they are dating is compounded with insecurity.

Sometimes it’s really a hard deal being a man, because you don’t have to show your anger at everything a lady does and that might mean putting up an okay face when your lady is probably doing things that makes you feel edgy.

Ladies, read this piece with the intention of making your man happier at all times, and fellas, you can probably leave this page open on your computer screen in a way that would make your lady understand that sometimes she annoys her man without knowing.



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