9 tips to care of your clothes and make them last longer

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On 19 October 2016 saa 01:59
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How you take care of your cloths will go a long way to determine how long it will last. There are some tips you should never ignore when it comes to taking care of your clothes; these tips will make your clothes look fresher and last longer.

1. Buy quality

The first step to having clothes that will last long is to buy quality. Not that you should buy expensive clothes or brand names, just go for quality clothing. A quality shirt will last longer than two low quality shirts.

2. Wash less frequently

Try to wash your clothes less frequently as possible, not that you should wear dirty clothes, but the more you wash your clothes, the more it loses its quality.

3. Read labels

Don’t take cloth labels for fancy; they are actually very important. They pass a message on how you should wash and care for your cloths. Read labels and follow its advice accordingly.

4. Rotate your clothes very well

Rotating your cloths accordingly will help you wear them less frequently and wash them less frequently. When you rotate your clothes evenly and wear them “last in, first out”, it would mean less wear and tear.

5. Iron carefully

Different cloths require different level of heat when ironing, and you should never forget that. Iron your clothes according to the heat required for the fabric, else they could burn or the heat could weaken the garment over time.

6. Store your clothes properly

The way you store your clothes would determine how long they would last. Do not pack your clothes together; give them room to breathe and store in a cool dry place, because moisture and heat can cause mold to grow on your clothes.

7. Practice good hygiene

Good personal hygiene will keep your clothes in better condition. You may wonder how.

Wearing dirty clothes or wearing them till it gets very dirty before washing could give your clothes bad odour, sweats can also cause stains and bad hygiene can kill the appearance of your cloth.

8. Remember to wash inside out, especially dark clothes and jeans. Also, wash like colours and learn to separate colours.

9. Ladies, wear your makeup before wearing your clothes. Never forget this. You avoid the risk of causing stains and fine lines on your cloth when you do this.

These tips will keep your clothes in the best condition.