9 types of friends who will take you far in life

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On 12 June 2017 saa 08:29
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Your friendships will either make you a better person or make you a terrible person — there are no in-betweens; you either have a good friendship or a bad friendship.

Any friendship that leaves a negative impact in your life is a bad friendship, and any friendship that has a positive impact on your life is a good friendship.

These are some examples of good friendships that will take you far in life.

1. Doing the right thing is very difficult, and any friend who will make you do the right no matter what, is a good friend and such a friendship will make you conscious of always doing the right thing.

2. Any friendship that spurs you on to be better than before is the right kind of friendship to have; you’re not competitors but you push each other to be better.

3. Friends who make you take good choices will also make you healthier. Research has found out that good friendships result in better health. Friends who will encourage you to shun things like alcohol, smoking and use of hard drugs and encourage you to eat healthy and use healthy practices are the kind of friends you really need in your life.

4. Friends who aren’t afraid to tell you the honest truth. No one likes to be told the truth about their mistakes and deficiencies, but a friend who tells you the bitter truth is the kind of friend you need in your life if you must succeed.

5. Friends who encourage you when you are down and who spur you to bring out the greatness that lie within you are the kind of friends you really need.

6. Friends who are a source of encouragement when you are down are one of the best kinds of friends to have, because they’ll always lift you up, and there are times where it might be difficult for you to do this yourself.

7. A friend who supports you when you are down is the kind of friendship that’ll will take you to the top. A lot of friends are only there when things are good, and when the going gets tough, they disappear.

8. A friend who wants you to win, who wants you to be successful and who isn’t jealous of your success is the kind of friendship you need.

9. A friend whom you can learn from is a good friendship that’ll take you far in life. Friends ought to learn from, and any friendship you can’t learn anything positive from is a waste of friendship.

What kind of friends do you have? Is your friendship taking you forward or backward?