Court martial begins hearing case of two privates accused murder

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On 28 July 2017 saa 05:23
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The Military Court has today, begun hearing ta case that involves two junior soldiers accused of brutally shooting and killing Aimé Yvan Ntivuguruzwa, 28, in Gikondo, Kigarama Kicukiro district on the night of 9th May 2017.

The charges against the two suspects; Private Jean Pierre Nshimyumukiza and Private Claude Ishimwe according to the Military Prosecution are murder, extortion by violence, degrading or damaging property belonging to others, illegal use of firearm and insubordination.

Pte Ishimwe Jean Claude pleaded guilty to all charges, while Nshimyumukiza J Pierre pleaded guilty on murder charges and rejected others against him.

The Military Prosecution requested for a 30-day remand for the accused because of the gravity of charges against them.

The defense lawyer Uwimana Thadee requested the Court to release his clients on bail saying that the murder was not pre-meditated and the suspects were in self-defense.

One of the suspects, Ishimwe said that as they were on duty during a night patrol, they asked some people to identify themselves, one of who was the late Ntivuguruzwa’s wife.

She is said to have called the husband who later provoked the two soldiers who were on duty telling them ‘You can’t threaten me because I held the gun before you did.’
Ishimwe said that the late wrestled his colleague to the ground, disarmed him and took the radio call, thereby prompting him to shoot him in the leg, so that they could have the gun back.

He further said that because he could not believe how a civilian can disarm a soldier, he supposed that it was possible for him to shoot them.

However, Ishimwe said that he never killed Ntivuguruzwa instead he was killed by the bullets which were fired by Nshimyumukiza, who shoot him while kneeling down.