Do you need to spend so much on your partner to prove that you care?

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 22 January 2017 saa 11:57
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There’s a school of thought that believes you have to spend a lot on someone if you truly value that person. Does this mean you have to spend so much on your partner just to show your partner how much you care?

Drama and Shawn will share their opinions on this subject.


No you don’t! Money and spending do not really tell how much you love a person, per se. I believe so because there are two angles to that statement. If you have money to spend, then, it is expected that you spend some of it on your partner from time to time. Mark the key words, “if you have”.

But we also should understand that not everyone in a relationship or marriage has money to get their partner all the fancy things of life, and take them to fancy places. That doesn’t mean they don’t care, it means they just don’t have money to do it at that time. Money isn’t the only way love can be expressed. Money can spice up a couple’s love life, and that I’ll agree, but not that it shows you love someone. We have heard and read stories of people who are unhappy in their relationship even when they’re with a wealthy partner.

You do not need to have money to show someone you care, you can do that in other ways that don’t involve spending.


I strongly believe that if you care about someone, it has to go beyond words, and it should be seen; you ought to show that person that you really care.

But then, my above-mentioned thoughts have been misconstrued by many and targeted at only splashing the cash as the only genuine of showing value, especially by the female gender.

Of course, you have to do so much to show someone that you truly care. You should be willing to show support, attention and time. No matter how much money you spend on that person, if these three are missing, then your care or love just isn’t enough.

Care and love cannot really be quantified with money; you can have so much and spend so little (compared to what you have), and have so little and spend so much on a person. So who then should be seen as the more caring person?

How much you care about someone first and foremost will emanate from the heart, before being shown, and it doesn’t just end at how much you spend on that person; it goes way beyond that.