Emotional infidelity is more dangerous than sexual infidelity

Published by Elcrema
On 28 August 2016 saa 12:41
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Many people consider sexual cheating as the only form of cheating, but there are various forms of cheating, and emotional cheating is even more dangerous than having sex with another person.

Emotional infidelity could come in various forms. It could be being emotionally dependant on someone else other than your partner, not caring about your partner’s emotional needs, loving someone else, being disconnected from your partner emotionally, pouring out your emotions to another person other than your partner, purposely cutting all emotional links with your partner while being emotionally available for another person and so on.

Sexual infidelity is totally dangerous and it’s a betrayal of trust, and in many cases it leads to the end of a marriage or relationship. Many marriages and relationships have been broken due to sexual infidelity, but emotional infidelity is even a dangerous one that people don’t pay attention to.

Emotional infidelity wouldn’t only hurt the relationship, it will kill it without any hopes of reviving it. When emotional infidelity reaches its peak, it could even lead to sexual infidelity. Besides that, emotional infidelity would create a divide between a couple that would be hard to rectify. Emotional infidelity could in turn lead to hatred and other terrible emotions, and while sexual infidelity hinges on trust and forgiveness, emotional infidelity goes far beyond that.

A partner could cheat on you sexually and realise his/her mistake and be sorry for it, but it would take more than reconciliation to bring back a partner that’s emotionally lost. Emotions most times control our actions, and when a partner has lost that emotional desire to be in the relationship or is now emotionally connected to someone else, the relationship would almost be as good as dead.