Guys...5 things your girlfriend tells her friends about you

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On 17 August 2016 saa 01:38
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There are certain things ladies just can’t keep to themselves when they are in a relationship. When you are dating a girl, be certain there are so many things her friends know about you.

Check them out below

1. Whether she pictures a future with you or not

When a girl meets a guy and starts a relationship with him, she starts looking into the future as her feelings grow deeper for him. After a while of being with a man, most ladies know if they will want a future with him or not. Her friends definitely know if she pictures you in her future or not because she has definitely talked about it with them.

2. Your finances

When a girl is seeking for a stable and lasting relationship, she always considers a man’s finances or his prospects of being stable financially. Women always seem to know a guy who has it in him to make it in future. A woman at least wants a man who can comfortably take care of himself. Her friends will know if she sees you as someone who can handle his business financially or not. Ladies always seem to tell their friends how they view their man financially.

3. Your friends and family

Ladies consider a man’s friends and family when going into a committed relationship with a man. She might not tell you how she sees your family and friends but she will definitely tell her friends what she thinks about your family and friends.

4. Sex

If you think women don’t discuss sex in their relationship with friends, you need to think again. When a woman meets a new guy, she always tends to talk about how good he is with her friends. The sex conversation however will decline or even stop when she settles deeply into the relationship.

5. Your temperament and the annoying things you do

This is another information a woman also tends to disclose to her friends. If she sees you as someone who is hot-tempered, her friends will know. If you have an annoying attitude, she will definitely talk about it with her friends too. So your annoying habit of leaving your apartment untidy all the time might be a piece of information her friends know already.