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Guys only:2 kinds of sex women enjoy,but may not tell you
Published on 21-07-2016 - at 01:24' by Elcrema

There’s a popular notion that there’s a freak in everybody. Sometimes, even the most reserved woman can turn out to be the one with the craziest thoughts and fantasies about sex, but then, due to their nature, they sometimes, would rather not reveal that part of them unless someone pushes them.

However, to be able to bring out that part of a woman, you need to have a good knowledge of what they really want. This is why I want to reveal to you 3 of the types of sex they enjoy. Take a look and thank me later.

1. Spontaneous sex

It’s fine to have a sex timetable or arrangement with your woman, but sometimes, it’s better to just lose yourself in the moment and enjoy it. There’s something different about an “out of nowhere” sex. You know, the type of sex you don’t plan, but it happens anyway. You can be in the kitchen talking and cooking, and all of a sudden, you engage in a steamy session; she would be wowed, and that would keep her yearning for you. This sort of sex has an element of surprise in it, and that is healthy for a relationship.

2. Sensual sex

You don’t always have to prove how tough and domineering you are in bed, it’s good to sometimes take things from the soft, gentle and romantic angle. Buy candles if you have to, buy flowers for the bed, pour honey on her skin, anything that screams romance; it would make her feel loved and important.

So there guys, go on and fulfill her sexual fantasies.



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