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Guys only:4 things you shouldn’t be shamed to say /ask a woman
Published on 12-11-2016 - at 01:48' by Elcrema

The society has made doing certain things practically impossible for men today. Sometimes, you find a man going against what he actually believes in deep inside of him, just because he doesn’t want to seem ‘unmanly’. So I’ve put together this post to address some of these things, and make it clear to every man out there, that it’s okay to follow what you believe in sometimes.

Follow me, as we check out some of these things.


Certain societies believe that men should bear every burden there is, especially if it’s money related, and not children related, so you find that in societies like this, men take on the responsibility of taking care of the bills when they go on a date with a woman— even when asked out by the woman. Sometimes, men in places like this also tend to feel discouraged to ask a woman on a date because they are afraid of financial expenses it may incur. However, I want to make it clear that there’s nothing wrong with a man wanting to share the bills for a date with his partner on a date. If you do not have enough money, there’s no shame in letting her know you don’t. If anything, it sells you to her as an honest and plain person. It’s not written in law anywhere that the man has to bear all financial responsibility. If a woman asks you out, there’s nothing wrong with allowing her fend for the bills unless she asks you to, but I doubt any right thinking woman would want to do something that cheap.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with helping a woman (your woman, especially) hold her hand bag or purse if there’s need for it. By ‘need for it’, I mean, maybe she has too much in her hands already, or she has to take care of something for a minute. You can even do it for her, even if she has nothing in her hands. That can pass as a simple romantic gesture. It doesn’t make you any less a man, trust me.


In some climes, men aren’t allowed to do certain chores at their homes, even little things like doing the dishes or laundry. These cultures only allow men to make money and eat, but it’s wrong, if you asked me. There’s nothing wrong with assisting your wife and family to do some of the chores in the house. It’s why you’re a part of the family in the first place. And it’s the little things like that that strengthen your togetherness.


It’s not a taboo or a crime to ask your wife or any woman around you for help, if there’s need for such. Some think it belittles them to ask a woman for financial assistance, but not from a man. I think that’s just hypocrisy. There’s no biggie there. Sometimes, you’re in a difficult situation, and only a woman can help, it’d be stupid to not go to that woman if you really want that help.

So that was it guys. Man up and be yourself. Do what you feel is right, not what the society tells you. Live for you, not for society.



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