How often do you laugh?This post will make you laugh even more!

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On 29 November 2016 saa 01:19
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You’ve heard it time and again that laughter is a very necessary thing for human health and development, but that isn’t all there is to laughter. Check out these 5 facts and benefits of laughter.

Weight loss

According to health experts, laughing for between 10 to 15 minutes every day can help you burn serious calories (up to 40). So imagine how much more you’d burn if you laughed even more.

Your overall health

Laughter is a very good medicine if you want to remain in fine health. Experts say that good laughter can help your memory be better. It can improve your immunity, regulate blood sugar levels and increase blood flow, as well as make you sleep better.

Relationship benefit

Well, if you don’t laugh often with your spouse or partner, you may want to change that, because studies show that couples who share a lot of laughter tend to enjoy a longer lasting relationship than those who don’t.

It’s genetic

If you laugh a lot, then there’s a very high possibility you’ll have kids who do the same. This is according to studies.

The brain and laughter

I don’t know if the word, ‘contagious’ is appropriate; but it’s important to know that you can laugh just because the next person to you did. It’s contagious like that.

Laugh on, and share with your friends, because laughter is one of the healthiest activities you can engage in every day.