How to avoid sex in your relationship until marriage

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 14 April 2017 saa 09:20
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Staying away from Sex in your relationship can be a tad difficult, especially seeing as it’s almost a mainstay in relationships today. However you can actually stay away from sex until marriage if you want to, it’s only a matter of you making a conscious decision to stay off it, and trust me, you’ll find that it’s not unachievable or impractical. I also believe that with the right help and guidance, it’s even easier.

So I have a few things I think would aid your achieving that goal once set.

Never be alone in a room or house with your partner

This is why group dating is strongly emphasised. You do not need to be alone to talk. In fact, when you are alone together, you would not be talking. You would be consumed by feelings which would lead you to breaking your promise of avoiding premarital sex unless you do the next best thing.

Know when to leave

You must be prepared to leave the scene of dating when you notice that you are alone or the mood has started to change.

The moments his friends who were all with both of you start leaving, it is also time for you to leave, as it could be arranged, so you don’t end up doing something regrettable.

Set boundaries from the start

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to set boundaries in your relationship from the start. It’s important to sit your partner down and talk about those things you think can jeopardise your chances of fulfilling your goal of staying celibate until marriage. Tell him or her those things you wouldn’t want to find yourselves doing, including dirty talking, touching, etc, as those can be a temptation.

Read up related subjects

If you’re going to be an auto mechanic, apart from going for training, you’re also expected to study related books in order to grow and learn more. The same applies here. Read books and write ups that pertain to celibacy and how to stick to set principles and goals. They’ll be helpful a great deal.

Good luck!